Compiled by Harold Dickert  
  Guitar Makers Tree of life      
    A Tree Species Map showing only those tree species used in making guitars.      
    Cade   ORDER   Family   Genus   Species  
Flowering land plants collectively            
known as Hardwoods     Asterid              
These trees are most often used in the       Ericales                
construction of every part of the guitar but             Sapotaceae            
the top sound plate.                            
                  Common name Native Area  
    Eudicots           Ebenaceae       D. celebica Macassar Ebony Asia (south eastern to India      
                  (The true Ebonys) D crassiflora Goboon Ebony Africa (western and central)      
                      D. mun Mun Ebony Asia (Laos)          
                      D virginiana L. American Persimmon North America (southeaster United States)    
Maple Mahogany Rosewood Ebony Koa Walnut Spruce