Guitar #033  VC-D Acoustic
Dreadnought, with venetian cutaway, arm rest, and side sound port.
Top Western Red Cedar
Rossette Bazilian Rosewood, with Black outline and Abalone centre strip
Bracing Martin inspirered X-brace pattern made of Sitka Spruce
Back and Sides Bazilian Rosewood
Body Binding Gabon Ebony
Purfing Maple/black/Abalone/Black/Maple/black
End Graft Gabon Ebony boardered with Abalone
Heal and Tail Blocks African Mahogany
Kerfed Lining African Mahogany
Arm Rest Block African Mahogany
Neck African Mahogany
Scale Length 25.5"
Nut width 1 3/4"
Neck width at 14th fret
Truss Rod Twin Rod two-way adjustable at the head
Head Cap Gabon Ebony
Head Inlay Brazilian Rosewood diamond shape boardered in Abalone, with Mother of Perl and Abalone Calla Lilys and a Butterfly
Heal Cap Gabon Ebony with a Maple pin line
Nut Cow Bone
Fret Board Gabon Ebony
Fret Board Binding Gabon Ebony with side and top Maple pin lines
Position Marks Abalone diamonds boardered on the left side with Brazilian Rosewood
Side Position Marks 2mm Abalone dots
Bridge Gabon Ebony
Saddle Cow bone
Bridge Pins Gabon Ebony with Abalone Dots
End Pin Gabon Ebony with Abalone Dots
Tuners Gold plated Schaller 3&3 Guitar Machines
Finish French Polished Shelac
Strings .012 to .054